Center for Academic Success

Location: Edgewater Hall, Room 276
Phone: 678-466-4070

The Center for Academic Success (CAS) provides free Peer Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, Academic Success Services/Resources, and a warm, supportive study environment for currently enrolled Clayton State students.

Peer Tutoring

Throughout the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters, the CAS provides personalized one-on-one peer and professional staff tutoring in over 100 core subjects taught at the University. In addition to individual tutorial services, the CAS also offers moderated study groups, informal study sessions, a comfortable study environment, and a student study lounge. In addition to the Center, the CAS offers peer tutoring at several campus locations: the University Center, the Athletic Lounge, Lakeview Discovery Science Center, Laker Hall, and Peachtree City.

Academic Success Services/Resources

CAS Academic Services enhance students’ academic skills, help students gain confidence, and improve overall student performance. These services offer a structured, collaborative approach to support students and increases students’ abilities to become more self-directed learners.

Services and resources include:

  • Academic Success Workshops - on a variety of topics
  • Academic Coaching
  • Instructional Resources – online (
  • Computer-based study behavior assessments (LASSI)
  • Study rooms for both small group and individual study
  • Faculty academic support through the Early Alert system.
  • Athletics support through the Student Athlete Success Program

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic support model that targets traditionally difficult courses at the undergraduate level by providing regularly scheduled, informal, peer-assisted review sessions on course materials outside the classroom. During SI study sessions students compare notes, discuss readings, predict test items and develop tools for more effective organization of course materials. This program is used in hundreds of colleges and universities around the world.

Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching offers students the opportunity to work in a one-on-one setting with a staff member in the CAS to enhance their academic skills, gain confidence, and improve performance.  Coaches work with students year-round (fall, spring, and summer) to develop metacognitive, critical thinking skills that can help to simplify the learning process and overcome academic obstacles. The Academic Coaching process provides an atmosphere of support and collaboration, in which, coaches assist students in the development of an individualized success plan.

Hours of Operation

For current hours and information about the CAS, visit