Mandatory Fees

Mandatory student fees are defined as fees which are paid by all students as required by the Board of Regents or as required by the institution subject to approval by the Board of Regents. Mandatory fees shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Intercollegiate athletic fees;
  • Student health service fees;
  • Transportation or parking fees (if the latter are charged to all students);
  • Student activity fees;
  • Technology fees;
  • Facility fees; and
  • Mandatory food service fees.

All mandatory student fees collected by an institution, as well as any proposals to increase or create a mandatory student fee or to change the purpose of an existing mandatory student fee, shall be proposed and administered by the President of the institution and presented to an advisory committee composed at least 50 percent students appointed by the institution’s Student Government Association for advice, counsel, and a vote prior to the institution submitting the request to the Board of Regents. The advisory committee must include at least four students and institutions and Student Government Associations should ma e a concerted effort to include broad representation among the students appointed to the advisory committee. (Board of Regents Policy

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