Elective Fees and Special Charges

Nursing and Dental Hygiene Expenses

A student enrolling in a program in Nursing or Dental Hygiene should expect additional expenses for uniforms, graduation pins, immunizations, and liability insurance. In the case of Dental Hygiene students, there are costs for instruments. A list of such costs is available from the College of Health.

Special Course Fees

A student enrolling in certain studio courses, lab courses or online courses (if not charged eTuition) should expect to be charged an additional fee. For more information about these fees, visit: http://www.clayton.edu/student-fees/Special-Course-Fees.

Students 62 or Older

When space is available students 62 years of age or older may attend Clayton State University without payment of fees, except for supplies and laboratory or shop fees.

Continuing Education Course Fees

Continuing Education Courses are offered each semester by the Office of Continuing Education. Academic credit is not awarded for Continuing Education courses. Fees and refund policies for these courses are listed in brochures published by that office. The Financial Aid Office does not award financial aid for continuing education courses.

Miscellaneous Student Fees

Some programs or services require an administration or application fee to cover the associated costs. For more information about these fees, visit: http://www.clayton.edu/student-fees/Miscellaneous-Fees.

Auditor Fees

A student who wishes to audit a course will be charged the same fees as a student taking the course for credit. Financial Aid will not pay for the audited classes.