2021-2022 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook Addendum

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) - Program Requirements

The below addendum corrects the number of credit hours for the Nursing Clinical Requirements and the Total Credit Hours

Nursing Core Requirements 125
NURS 5501Theory for Graduate Nursing Pr 23
NURS 5502Research-Evidence-Based Nurs. 23
NURS 5503Adv Patho Across the Lifespan 23
NURS 5504Health Care Policy 23
NURS 6611Diagnostic & Clinical Reasonin2
NURS 6620Adv Health Assessment for FNPs3
NURS 6640Adv Pharmacology for FNPs3
NURS 6660Pop Hlth and Emerging DIsease2
NURS 6670Adv Practice Nurs Roles in Soc3
Nursing Clinical Requirements23
NURS 6650Hlth Prom of Children and Fami6
NURS 6630Hlth Prom of Adults and Fami6
NURS 6680Hlth Prom of Elderly and Famil5
NURS 6690Nurse Practitioner Practicum6
Total Credit Hours48

Students should consult the MSN degree program website for information on suggested progression of coursework.


Required for POST BSN students; Post MSN students may qualify for exemption of up to nine hours.