Education Specialties, Minor

The Education Specialties Minor has been developed to include a variety of education courses available to students in all degree programs. The current offerings include education courses in technology, gifted, special education, and English as a second language.

Education majors may take the courses in order to add an endorsement in ESL, Reading, or Gifted Education or certification in Special Education. The Georgia Professional Standards Commission allows the issuance of endorsements to recognize additional expertise.

The minor will also be available to students in other degree programs as well. Students from diverse programs such as English, psychology, and sociology will benefit from the opportunity to take the classes.

The courses do not follow a sequence, so students may take the classes in any order. Any undergraduate student may choose this minor. Students will declare the minor through the Duck. If education students wish to take the classes for an endorsement or additional certification, they must complete an application, the Intent to Seek an Endorsement form and submit it to the Department of Teacher Education before they will be allowed to take upper division course work.

Program Requirements

EDUC 2130Exploring Learning & Teaching3
Choose four from the following:12
Invest. Critical/Contem. Issue
Exploring Socio-Culture
Instructional Tech for Teacher
Exploring-Exceptional Learner
Instructional Methods
Individual & Class Management
ELL Principles and Strategies
Cultural Perspectives for ESL
Applied Linguistics for ESL
Characteristics Gifted Learner
Special Topics in Education
Total Credit Hours15
  • At least 3 upper division (3000/4000 Grades) courses must be completed at Clayton State University to fulfill residency requirements.
  • This minor does not, in itself, lead to certification. Students must be enrolled in an education program to obtain a teaching certificate.
  • All courses must be completed with a grade of C or better.
  • Courses used to fulfill area A-E in core curriculum cannot be applied to the minor.