Women's and Gender Studies, Minor

Women’s and Gender Studies (WST) at CSU integrates social science, science and humanistic approaches by using women’s experience and feminist theory to analyze themes in the humanities, fine arts, social sciences, and natural sciences. WST further emphasizes the interdisciplinary study of women and gender, and an inclusive study of women that acknowledges differences such as race, class, sexuality, and national belonging. WST is designed to develop students' skills of critical thinking and reading, communication and analysis, writing and research, imagination and creative expression. WST promotes the study of intersections of gender and sexuality with race, ethnicity and nationality in comparative and global contexts. By considering a variety of controversial issues from different perspectives, it encourages critical reading, writing and thinking. Students develop their skills in oral and written expression. WST courses emphasize women’s past and present roles in culture, society, politics, economy, family, leadership and the arts and sciences. They offer various theoretical approaches to topics such as the representation of gender, women and the state, psychology of women, gender and language and women in global issues.

To fulfill a minor in WST at CSU, students must complete 18 hours of WST coursework. There are 2 required courses for the WST minor, WST 2010 Intro to Women's Studies and WST 3500 Feminist Theory.

Program Requirements

Required Courses6
WST 2010Intro to Women's Studies3
WST 3500Feminist Theory3
Upper Division WST Electives12
Choose six from the following:
Black Feminist/Womanist Theory
Women and Literature
Women and Politics
Contemporary Women's Health
U.S. Women of Color
The AIDS Epidemic
Women and Popular Culture
Women's History
Psychology of Gender
Women and Film
Women in Leadership
Special Topics in WST
Special Topics in Women & Lit.
Women and the Arts
Total Credit Hours18

Courses taken in Area F or as upper division major electives (allowable by major) may be counted as coursework in the WST minor. Please note that all courses listed here are offered in rotation in their home departments.