Disciplinary Procedures

Section 4.6 of the Board of Regents’ policies (effective August 2017) establishes minimum uniform, system-wide procedural standards for investigations and resolutions (including student conduct hearings) of alleged violations of Clayton State University’s rules. In accordance with this responsibility, disciplinary sanctions shall be applied only after the requirements of due process, fairness, and reasonableness have been met. The aim of any disciplinary action is the redirection of student behavior toward the achievement of academic goals.

The President has delegated the function of student discipline to the Vice President for Student Affairs, who in turns designates the Office of Community Standards and its staff to direct the disciplinary processes.

Specific disciplinary procedures are used to guide the fair and uniform enforcement of the Student Code of Conduct.  These procedures are applicable to any student or student organization when charged with a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.  Procedures allow for fact-finding and decision-making in the context of an educational community, and encourage students to accept responsibility for their own actions.  The intent is to provide adequate procedural safeguards to protect the rights of the individual student and the legitimate interests of the University.