Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree

Policy Modification to Allow Undergraduates to Begin Graduate Program before Final Acceptance in Graduate School 

Persons seeking admission to the Clayton State University School of Graduate Studies must hold a baccalaureate degree from an institution accredited by an appropriate regional accrediting association or its international equivalent prior to the expected semester of matriculation. However, if a student is enrolled in an undergraduate program at Clayton State and wishes to participate in a Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Accelerated Degree, the student may begin his/her graduate courses in  his/her senior (fourth) year of undergraduate study under the following conditions:

  1. Students must obtain the required signatures and submit the Declaration of Intent prior to enrolling in their first graduate-level course (see application process for full details)
  2. A limited number of hours can be taken before acceptance into the Graduate School. This number is equal to the number of credits that are allowed to be dual counted in the specific combined degree.*
  3. These hours, required for the student’s undergraduate major, may be taken at the graduate level (5000 or higher) and may be counted toward both the Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

All other requirements and timelines for acceptance into the School of Graduate Studies remain the same. Once the student completes the requirements for their undergraduate degree, that degree will be awarded and the application for graduate study will be processed at that time.

*The number of dual credit that may be counted is contained in the chart below:

Program Credit Hours                   Maximum Dual Credits (credits beyond residency) (Total Program Credits - 24 credits)

30                                                           6

33                                                           9

36                                                          12