Provisional Admission

The use of Provisional admission is solely the prerogative of the School of Graduate Studies. Provisional Graduate Status may be given to applicants who show promise but are not able to fulfill all the requirements for admission to Full Graduate Status at the time they apply.  Students admitted under the Provisional category are informed of expectations or conditions in the letter of admission. Provisional status may not be used as a mechanism to accept students and allow the submission of admission materials, such as standardized test scores, at a later date.  Graduate student may take a maximum of nine semester hours of coursework in a provisional status but may not be in provisional status for more than one semester.  In the rare instance when a provisional extension may be necessary, the Graduate Director must submit a justification letter for approval by the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.  Students admitted to Provisional Status will be dismissed from their programs if the student is not making satisfactory progress toward progression to Full Status.