Film, Minor

The Film Minor prepares students for entering the workforce or earning graduate degrees in professional areas such as film performance, film studies, and film production/design. It develops and strengthens students’ production, performance, critical thinking, and writing skills for success in all further academic and professional endeavors.

Program Requirements

Lower Division Courses6
Choose one of the following tracks:
Upper-Division Electives12
Choose four from the following:
National Cinemas I
National Cinemas II
National Cinemas III
African American Cinema
Deconstructing Disney
Lighting for Motion Pictures
Audio Recording & Sound Design
New Media Design
Film Analysis and Criticism
Women and Film
Film Genres I
Film Genres II
Film Genres III
Digital Video Production
Digital Video Post-Production
Modes of Video Production I
Modes of Video Production II
Modes of Video Production III
Great Directors
Motion Graphics
Visual Effects
Advanced Lighting
Advanced Visual Effects
Video Post-Production II
Video Production II
Special Topics I
Special Topics II
Special Topics III
Sem in Contemp Filmmaking
Total Credit Hours18

Lower Division Courses

Performance Track

CMS 2100Introduction to Film 13
THEA 1880Introduction to Acting3
Total Credit Hours6

Studies Track

CMS 2100Introduction to Film 13
FILM 2700History of Cinema3
Total Credit Hours6

Production Track

CMS 2100Introduction to Film 13
Choose one from the following:3
Digital Imaging I
Georgia Film Academy Course I
Intro to Field Production
Total Credit Hours6