Corporate Communication, Minor

The Minor in Corporate Communication provides students with understanding of, and preparation for careers in Corporate Communication. This minor:

  • Prepares students for entering the workforce or earning advanced degrees in professional areas such as public relations, marketing, advertising, organizational communication and production/design.
  • Develops and strengthens students’ critical thinking and writing skills for success in all further academic and professional endeavors

The minor focuses on the following Communication and Media Studies learning outcomes:

  • Communicate effectively, using multiple channels of communication; and
  • Apply media aesthetics to the production of communication vehicles using appropriate technologies.

Program Requirements

Required Courses6
Choose two of the following:
Digital Imaging I
Introduction to Advertising
Introduction to Public Relatio
Upper Division Electives12
Choose four of the following:
Media Industries
National Cinemas I
Principles Project Management
Corporate Communication Design
New Media Design
Public Relations Prin. & Prac.
Crisis & Change Communication
Social Media
Public Relations Prin. & Prac.
Selected Topics in CMS I (with approved topic)
Organizational Communication
Students may apply up to two classes (six hours) from the following list of courses to satisfy the 12-hour Upper Division Elective requirement:
Bus. Ethics/Corp. Social Resp.
Professional Speaking
Communication Theory
Interpersonal Communication
Communication Technologies
Writing & Editing - Mass Media
Writing for Nonprofits
Directed Research
Total Credit Hours18