Integrative Studies, BS

The Integrative Studies program provides the opportunity for a student to work with an advisor to design a curriculum that meets the student’s career and educational needs. This flexibility enables students to develop academic programs that meet the ever-changing requirements of the world of work. A Bachelor of Science in Integrative Studies can also be designed to prepare students for graduate school in certain disciplines and professions.

Admission and Readmission Requirements

Before beginning upper-division study in Integrative Studies, applicants must:

  1. Have completed 45 semester credit hours;
  2. Have completed ENGL 1101 English Composition I and ENGL 1102 English Composition II with a grade of A, B, C, or K.

Program Requirements

Core Curriculum (Areas A-E)42
All Core Curriculum requirements for the Integrative Studies degree are shown under Core Curriculum in the Graduation Requirements section of the Undergraduate Catalog.
Lower Division Major Requirements (Area F)18
Courses applied in this category cannot also satisfy Core Curriculum category requirements of Area A-E. Coursework varies depending on student’s academic areas of study.
Upper Division Required Courses6
INTE 3901Integ Studies Practicum/Intern3
INTE 4500Integrative Studies Capstone (students will complete this course during their senior year)3
Upper Division Area Major Courses 39
Courses applied in this category will vary depending on student’s academic area of study. No more than 18 hours of 1000-2000 level coursework may be applied to this category, including lower-level courses for applicable Minors. 1
Concentration/Minor Courses15
The Bachelor of Science in Integrative Studies requires students to complete a concentration of five (5) upper division (3000-4000 level) courses in a single disciplinary area or specified concentration such as the following: 2
Fine Arts Performance – ARTS/DANC/MUSC/THEA
Organizational Enterprise – ENGL/COMM/CMS/JOUR/MGMT/MKTG
Technology and Information Sciences – CSCI/HCMG/ITFN/MATH/TECH
Total Credit Hours120

Courses with the following prefixes will not apply towards the BS in Integrative Studies: AVEL, AVMT, CAPL, CITZ, CNET, DHYG, DSGN, ELEC, EMS, FSMD, HDSK, INET, MEDA, MKMC, OMED, SUPR, TECH (Upper-division OFFC and TECH courses will apply), TELE and WCOM.

Other courses which do not apply: CCSU, PHED, Learning Support courses, WLAB and courses designed specifically for other majors (exceptions: approval of the Department Chair).

Other Program-Specific Graduation Requirements

  1. A minimum of 42 hours must be completed in upper-division courses.
  2. All INTE courses must be taken in residence at Clayton State.
  3. A grade of C or higher is required in all INTE courses.
  4. Up to 9 hours of Cross-Registration in the Atlanta Regional Consortium for Higher Education, study abroad, or distance learning may be counted as in-residence if the courses are approved in advance as part of the student's Integrative Studies program of study.